No more violence to disrupt polls | 2018-10-21 |

No more violence to disrupt polls

21 October, 2018 12:00 AM printer

The reign of terror and horror that BNP-Jamaat created in 2014 and 2015 through arson attacks on men, women and children as well as members of the law enforcement agencies is dreadfully present in the traumatised minds of the countrymen in general, and the city dwellers in particular. The terror mongers vandalised and torched thousands of vehicles under all modes of transport as part of their so called transport blockade and killed as many as 500 people including at least 20 lawmen and injured not less than 4,000 others mainly through petrol bomb attacks. They even did not spare government offices at some places.

The family members of the victims are passing their days in extreme miseries, in many cases, for the loss of their bread earners. The financial assistance they receive from the government is awfully inadequate. And most of the sufferers are yet to get justice for the loss of their near and dear ones.

Why did the BNP-Jamaat axis resort to such a barbaric way of action in the name of protest movement? They did it to resist the January 2014 general election that they decided to boycott and to unseat the new government a year after. Their logic is that any election that they boycott cannot be held at all. Is there any reason to believe that these evil forces have the least respect to the country’s constitutional process? Participated or not by any quarter, elections must be held in time as constitutional obligations.

And what are they (BNP at the forefront and Jamaat in the background) doing now ahead of the 11th parliament election to be held at the fag end of this year? Symptoms say, they are going to take part in it, and as part of their preparation for it, forming election alliances with like minded forces. This is what a political party believing in democracy and willing to abide by constitutional norms should do. Political forces adhering to democratic principle should never resort to undemocratic way of action; they should rather make every effort to strengthen and institutionalise democracy.

People are dead set against repetition of any sort of horror by any quarter. Disruption to election is completely unacceptable to them.