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What Are Those Young Minds Thinking?

  • Md. Ashiquer Rahman Bhuiyan
  • 4 October, 2018 12:00 AM
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What Are Those Young Minds Thinking?

There is no denying the fact that any kind of recognition inspires us. With a view to inspiring young minds, the Daily Sun in collaboration with World University of Bangladesh (WUB) has recently organized an award-giving ceremony for high achievers in O-level and A-level exams. The event was held on October 02, 2018 at International Convention City Bashundhara (ICCB). So many young boys and girls flocked to the venue to be a part of this great initiative. Our correspondent caught up with some of them to know about their future plans. Here is an excerpt of those interviews:     

Tabassum Tasneem Promi, Turkish Hope Int'l School

This was the best experience of my life because today I have made my parents proud by winning a medal from distinguished persons. In future I want to be a scientist. People like Einstein and others who dedicated their life for science really inspire me a lot.



Israt Jahan Ushnu, Turkish Hope Int'l School

Today is one of the most memorable days of my life. This award is the outcome of my hard work. I want to work harder and dedicate myself for the welfare of this country by becoming a barrister and bringing about changes in our society.

Masuma Akhter, Turkish Hope Int'l School

I am so happy and excited. Because this is the first public award I have achieved so far. In future I want to be a doctor. The reason behind wanting to become a doctor is I have always wanted to serve the old and poor people of my country.



Akib Anwar Chowdhury, European Standard School

The award I have achieved today will remain as a symbol of my success in my education career. I am a space-science enthusiast. I want to follow my heart and want to be renowned for my success.

Shouvik Raj, Lamb English School

This award will definitely trigger my confidence and help me in the long run. Actually, I love science and I want to do unique works.



Aqeed Safwan, Sunnydale School

To me this is a motivational award which will motivate me to achieve more in my upcoming life. I am a car lover and I am willing to become an automobile engineer because I want to make advanced level cars.

Ashfaq Uddin Ahmed, Academia Int'l School

I always wanted to make my parents proud and today is the day I have made them feel proud of me. I also want to do more in future for myself and my family. By becoming an engineer I want to increase job facilities for unemployed people.

Shadman, Maple Leaf International School

This is the first step of the ladder of success. I want to climb higher. I desire to be a computer science engineer and advance the computer science to a next level for my own country.



Dibakar, Maple Leaf International School

I have always wished to win such an award and today is the day I have got it. And this is a very encouraging award for me. I love to do what I am passionate about. I am a bio-tech enthusiast, so I want to drive my career toward it.

Rudro, Maple Leaf International School

I still cannot believe that I have won this award. For me this is a motivational award which will inspire me a lot. I am more interested in science and particularly in the field of genetics. I want to follow my interest and dream.

Rafiat Bin Morshed, Maple Leaf International School

I am living the most memorable day of my life. Winning such an award is really a matter of great honor for me. Everyday I tell myself that I will have to go a long way. In future, I literally want to go far away from earth for space exploration.

Mutakim Ahmed Khan, Maple Leaf International School

This award is sort of sculpture of my hard work and success. I hate to see people suffering from poverty, so I want to be a software engineer and earn money so that I can donate those among poor people.

Ibne Mahbub, Green Scholars Int'l School & College

This award will push me to achieve more. After a certain period, I want to see myself as a successful man.

Elvis, Maple Leaf International School

I was waiting for this day for so long because this award proved my ability in front of many people. In our country, we badly need some intellectual person who will lead us and inspire us to change ourselves.

Fuad, Green Scholars Int'l School & College

In my life I have achieved so many awards but this award is truly a significant one among all. I aspire to be a software engineer in future. Then I will try to improve the technological sector of my country.

Apurbo, Green Scholars Int'l School & College

This award is special and huge for me because I have received this award from the speaker. I have achieved such an award which will help me to reach the top because whenever I will look at this medal, I will gain more energy to run after success.