Friday, 22 October, 2021

Danger lurking around railway tracks

Danger lurking around railway tracks

Most of us have written essays on a journey by train during our schools days. Train journeys were something to look forward to in those days. Many of us have pleasant memories connected to trains from our childhood days. Sadly, those days are long gone by as now road transports have taken over from the railways which was once the top choice of transportation of the masses. But the time has come to revive the favourite transport of our childhood days once again.

The most popular alternative to the road networks must be given priority once again at a time when road accidents are rife due to unfit vehicles and drivers and road blocks are plaguing us for hours due to excess traffic at a time when the economy of the country is trying to move ahead on a fast track.

In such a scenario, it is necessary to revitalise the railway which is considered all over the world to be a safer, cheaper and most comfortable means for movements of large number of people and bulky goods. Railway transport is most advantageous as it is dependable and least affected by external conditions like weather and traffic jam compared to road transports.

Sadly the lead report in yesterday’s daily sun showing a photograph of the railway tracks near Karwan Bazaar speaks about the unkempt condition of maintenance of the railway tracks. Important parts of railway tracks like anchors, connector hooks, nuts and bolts were found to be missing by the reporter. The monthly inspection of the tracks to monitor and maintain the same on an optimum level obviously are not carried out diligently. This puts the life of all passengers at risk as well as lowers the railways as a safe and reliable transportation for the masses. 

The importance of railways as a fast, effective, economical, reliable and comfortable means of journey is established all over the developed world. Successful economies like the EU, China, Japan, etc. are constantly upgrading their railways to incorporate the fastest train with the latest technologies for mass transportation of people and goods. Therefore, it is vital for Bangladesh to acquire the latest railway technology without which the economy risks grinding to a halt.