‘Bright future awaits Bangladesh’

NH SAJJAD from Kunming, China

9 September, 2018 12:00 AM printer

A bright future is awaiting Bangladesh, as this country is gradually making headway in many index, said Dr. Li Mai, Associate Professor of School of Public Administration Department of Yunnan University of Kunming city in China.

She said this developing country would be developed if it is governed the way China was run after 1978 through changing centrally planned economy and state-run economy with specific economic targets.

Dr. Li Mai came up with the optimism Wednesday evening at a lecture held at Yunnan University (new campus) Library Lecture Hall titled ‘an overview of China’.

As a part of 14-day ‘Bangladesh-China Youth Camp 2018’, the lecture was held where Prof Li screened how China made progress in the last few decades and discussed the possibility of Bangladesh towards development.

A total of 150 students from Bangladesh are taking part in the camp which is being jointly organised by Dhaka University and North South University Confucius Institutes invited by Yunnan University.

The camp began on September 3 and will end on September 16 that is being sponsored by Chinese embassy in Bangladesh and Confucius Institute Headquarters (Hanban).  

On Wednesday, participants attended several sessions including cultural interaction: Kungfu, Kungfu fan dance and tree plantation.

Terming ‘booming population’ a big problem for two nations, Dr Li said Bangladesh and China have been facing several similar problems that could be solved through sharing experiences.

In her presentation, along with China’s geography, population, economics and politics, she projected some problems of China including sustainable development, administrative reforms, pollution, corruption and health sectors.

In the camp, students will take part in various sessions including learning of Chinese language, introduction with Chinese culture and ethnic minorities and visiting several historical places of China. During the camp, participants will be considered students of Yunnan University.