2,135 dev projects undertaken in last 10 yrs

Staff Correspondent

9 September, 2018 12:00 AM printer

The government has undertaken about 2,135 development projects, including some large infrastructure and poverty reduction schemes, at a cost of about Tk18 trillion during the last 10 years aimed to attain a sustainable development.  

A latest assessment report of planning ministry suggests that a large portion of the fund went to infrastructure including roads and highways. Besides, a large number of projects were picked up for agriculture, socio-economic and ICT sector.

Although the country experienced some sort of implementation difficulties in initial stages, but the limitations have been resolved and the public sector implementing agencies are now able to implement any big project, claimed the planning ministry adding that with increasing the implementation capacity, the country’s economy also gets a sustainable momentum.

According to the report, disadvantaged and marginal people also drew special attention in selection of projects in order to maintain the momentum. “No areas in the country can be found which did not see any development work. Development activities got a large attention, said Planning Minister AHM Mustafa Kamal stressing the need for continuation of the present government.

During its two terms, the government picked up many projects and now time has come to put focus on sustainable development, Kamal pointed out terming the government a development-oriented one.

“If this government comes to power again, the issues will must get special attention as the problem like “lack in experience” may be overcome quite easily,” he commented. 

Out of Tk 17,82,904 crore expenditure from 2008-2009 fiscal year to 2017-18, projects of Tk 10,22,906 crore got approval in last three years which was 57 percent of the total expenditure made in last 10 years.

In the first term, total approved project cost was about Tk 4,49,830 crore, which nearly trippled to Tk 13,33,074 crore in the present term, including Tk 7,83,000 crore from GoB fund, Tk 5,13,000 crore from foreign source and Tk 37,000 crore from public corporations’ own fund.

Meanwhile, the government is implementing 10 mega projects under the banner of ‘fast track projects.’ Once the projects are implemented, most of the infrastructure related problems are expected to go.

The projects being directly supervised from the PMO on monthly-basis include construction of Padma bridge, Padma rail link, Rooppur nuke power plant, Matarbari coal-fired power plant cum Deep sea port, Pyra deep seaport project, among others.

According to planning minister, the main objective of such development projects was to reduce the poverty level, lower income inequality and ensure socio-economic development in the country.

After successful implementation of sixth five-year plan, the government is now implementing 7th plan incorporating the SDGs and the country’s long-term development expectation, he also said.