Moves to address nagging waterlogging in Ctg

Salamat Ullah

5 September, 2018 12:00 AM printer

Moves to address nagging
waterlogging in Ctg

Rickshaw-pullers drag rickshaws with passengers amid waist-deep water during high tide. The photo was taken recently from the city's CDA Residential Area. — sun photo

Bangladesh Water Development Board (BWDB) has taken a project to address the long-drawn waterlogging crisis in the port city along the mega project being implemented by Chattogram Development Authority (CDA).

Sources said the BWDB took the project titled ‘Addressing waterlogging crisis of the port city through developing pump house and drainage system’ around two and a-half years back.  

They prepared the Development Project Proforma (DPP) in this connection and sent to the authority concerned for approval. 

‘Project Evaluation Committee (PEC)’, a pre-evaluation committee of project before the final approval from the Executive Committee of the National Economic Council (ECNEC), approved it on July 15 this year. 

Though earlier the schedule for implementing the project was fixed from 2017 to 2021, the development works under the project involving around Tk 1,600 core are expected to be started by January next year following the approval by the ECNEC, the sources said. 

They said different development works including constructions of a total of 23 sluice gates at the canal mouths, installation of 70 pump houses and procurement of two excavators will be carried out under the project. 

Besides, a total of 18.965 kilometer (km) retaining wall along the river Karnaphuli, known as lifeline of Chattogram, will be developed so that tidal and flood water can’t enter the city during the heavy rainfall.

Of them, 2.7-km long retaining wall from the city’s Naval Academy to Ghatkhal No-15, 8.065-km from the Ghat No-15 to Navy area end, 4.400-km from Banglabazar to Shah Amanat Bridge and 6.500-km from Kalurghat Bridge to Katakhal will be developed.

However, initially plan for re-excavation of 250-km canal was included in the project, but it was later dropped from the DPP keeping consistency with the CDA project.

Sources said the DPP had been changed for four times so that no development work overlaps the works of the CDA as they have been implementing two projects including the mega one for addressing the waterlogging.

Some four hectors land will be acquisitioned for implementing the project, they said.

Contacted, BWDB Executive Engineer Bidyut Kumar Saha told the daily sun that the waterlogging problem of the port city will be addressed permanently if the project is implemented successfully.

He informed that they first proposed to set up 28 sluice gates at the canal mouths. The number stood at 23 when the DPP was amended keeping consistency with the CDA project. 

Replying to a query, Engineer Bidyut hoped that the project will get approval from the ECNEC by next two to three months.

He said they will be able to begin development works of the project at the beginning of the next year.

The engineer observed that no structure will sustain for long time if it is not maintained properly. 

As Chattogram City Corporation (CCC) is responsible for maintenance, representative from the CCC was also kept in the project to look after it after implementation, he said. He also sought cooperation from all stakeholders including the CCC and Water Supply and Sewerage Authority (WASA) to implement the project.

Mentionable, residents of the city’s Agrabad Access Road, Halishahar Housing Estate, Shantibag, Boropole, Beparipara, Bakolia, Port Connecting Road, Sholoshahar, Chawk Bazar, Dhaniar Pool, Kapasgola, Badurtala, KB Aman Ali Road, Khawja Road, Probortak Morr, C&B Colony, Chandgaon, Bohoddarhat and Kaptai Raster Matha areas are the worst sufferers of the waterlogging.

CDA got the mega project titled ‘Canal re-excavation, expansion, renovation and development for addressing the waterlogging in the Chittagong city’ approved by the ECNEC on August 9 last year.

CDA and the Bangladesh Army signed a memorandum of understanding for implementing the project on April 9 this year.

Works of the mega project involving around Tk 5,616 crore for addressing the long-drawn waterlogging crisis in the port city was started on April 28.

Sources in the CDA said some 528,214 cubic-metre soil and 420,000 cubic-metre mud will be dredged from 36 canals under the project.

Besides, three water-bodies will be dug, 10.77 kilometre side drains, 176,000 metre retaining wall, 85-km road and 48 PC girder bridges will be constructed to address the waterlogging, said the sources.