Imran Khan advised to follow Bangladesh

Md Enamul Hassan

5 September, 2018 12:00 AM printer

Pakistani journalist Zaigham Khan has advised the prime minister of his country to follow the development model of Bangladesh to ensure progress of Pakistan.

He recently came up with the advice for newly-elected Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan while speaking at a talk-show styled ‘Awaam’ on the Capital TV of the country.

Imran Khan has been taking ‘pervasive initiatives’ to develop the country since his assumption of office last month.

His party Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) is also saying that Imran will turn Pakistan into a developed country like Sweden.

In reply to the party statement, Zaigham suggested that the new premier and the ruling party should follow the Bangladeshi model of development, instead of Sweden.

After this suggestion, the video clip of the talk-show went viral on the social media and caused a stir in political arena of Pakistan.

In the talk-show, Zaigham lauded the tremendous development Bangladesh made in the recent years.

He drew an analogy between the Dhaka Stock Exchange and Islamabad Stock Exchange to explain the weakness of the Pakistan bourse.

Other discussants at the talk-show also lauded the progress of Bangladesh.

Zaigham said even if Imran Khan can fix all the problems, including the wide-ranging corruption, Pakistan will need 10 more years to become equal to Bangladesh in development.

He said, “Many countries which were more corrupt than Pakistan became more developed than Pakistan.”

“Earlier, I have mentioned the name of Bangladesh too many times as the country was once behind Pakistan by 24 notches in corruption,” he added.

But anyone looking at Bangladesh’s pace of progress can find their growth at seven percent while Pakistan’s at 5.8 percent, he noted.

“If you look at the Dhaka Stock Exchange, you will find that its market capital is $300 billion while Islamabad’s is only $100 billion,” he added.

The noted journalist also mentioned that Bangladesh now exports goods and services worth $40 billion a year but Pakistan only $22 billion.

Even if Pakistan can increase and maintain its growth up to 10 percent, it will take 10-12 years to be equal to Bangladesh, he noted.

The journalist said, “In such a situation, the ruling party is saying that they will follow the development model of Sweden for the advancement of Pakistan.”

“But we don’t want to be like Sweden, for God’s sake, please make us just like Bangladesh.”

Zaigham further said, “We’ll be very much grateful to Imran Khan, if he can take us in the level of Bangladesh by next 10 years, which is also impossible.”  Meanwhile, another discussant was seen to say that it is that Bangladesh what Pakistan abandoned in 1971 as some of Pakistanis thought it a burden.  They then thought to be developed except for Bangladesh, the discussant continued.

Apart from the Pakistanis, the video clip also went viral and created mixed reactions among the internet users of Bangladesh. Many were seen to comment on social media that Pakistanis again tried to underestimate Bangladesh by terming it more corrupt than their country.

Someone were also seen to praise Pakistanis, saying that they, at least, dare to acclaim Bangladesh’s achievement by telling the truth.