Illegal parking near Hanif flyover

5 September, 2018 12:00 AM printer

Unauthorised bus and truck stands at different locations in the vicinity of Mayor Hanif Flyover have occupied a large portion of a busy road. At locations, mostly in Gulistan and Saidabad areas, where these illegal bus stands popped up, severe traffic jams have become a common reality. Consequently, the flyover which was supposed to be a boon has actually turned into a bane for commuters and local residents.

A tell-tale picture published in yesterday’s daily sun shows a busy thoroughfare leading to the entry point of the flyover at the Gulistan end was almost blocked off by haphazard parking of trucks and buses. Dhaka is noted for terrific traffic jam and the flyovers are meant to ease the flow of traffic. But now the worst traffic jam can be witnessed in Gulistan and Saidabad areas where inter-city and intra-city bus stands and van terminals have all become a commonplace.

There are two big bus terminals in both of the areas, then why the open spaces under the flyover are allowed to turn into make-shift bus and truck stands is beyond our comprehension. Someone influential might be running these illegal parking lots with impunity by managing the local administration, and law enforcing agencies are turning a blind eye to this great public nuisance only to receive a kickback. The authorities concerned should immediately break the back of this unholy nexus and remove the illegal parking.

The city’s traffic chaos could be eased to a great extent if its road could be freed from illegal bus and truck stands, arbitrary bus stoppage at every interjections and haphazard parking of vehicles on roadsides. Though all this practices are illegal in paper, we wonder if any law enforcing agency ever bothered to take any action against the violators. It lays bare a weak and ineffective traffic management in this growing mega-city. The Traffic Division of Dhaka Metropolitan Police must assert its authority by ruthlessly conducting a crackdown on all sorts of occupations of roads to keep them open and free of avoidable jams.