Money paid to Hollywood A-listers is ‘immoral’: Kathleen

4 September, 2018 12:00 AM printer

Money paid to Hollywood A-listers is ‘immoral’: Kathleen

Veteran star Kathleen Turner has hit out at the state of the movie business, saying that the amount of money being spent on movies and A-list actors is ''immoral''

The 64-year-old actress has hit out at the current landscape in Hollywood, arguing that the money should instead be redirected towards improving the quality of scripts and giving actors more rehearsal time.

She said: ''The hundreds of millions they spend on films now I find essentially immoral.'' Kathleen firmly believes that male and female co-stars ought to receive equal pay.

However, she doesn't think studios should be paying such eye-watering sums to the industry's best-known stars. She told the Observer newspaper: ''How much money does a person need?

''You can only live in one house at a time. Perhaps they could designate that the studio pay a portion of the fee to an organisation or an educational institution.''

The award-winning star has also criticised film producers and directors for not giving actors more time to rehearse.

Looking back on her own career, she explained: ''The films we rehearsed the longest on were with Larry Kasdan ['Body Heat and Accidental Tourist'] and Francis Coppola ['Peggy Sue'].

''We rehearsed for up to four weeks before ever going in front of the camera. It immediately pays off.  ''Not only do you have actors who anticipate, understand and watch each other, because they know each other so much better, but also the time you save. You know exactly where the camera's going to be ... Two or three takes and you move on...

''It gives you time to actually develop characters, instead of being forced to make a quick choice, which you might look back on in a week or so and say, 'Damn it, I'm locked into that, so that I have to pursue the character this way now.'''