The Art Of Being A Lady

3 September, 2018 12:00 AM printer

The Art Of Being A Lady

Being a woman is hard work. If you are too soft, you may not be taken seriously. If you are too bold and outspoken, society might have a problem with that. When it comes to women and fashion, it is just the same.

You may want to wear a spectacular flowy, floral dress to work but you fear the people working in your team will consider it unprofessional and may even treat you like a little girl. For some authoritative look, if you desire androgynous clothes people may frown at the eccentricity of your style. Putting on too much makeup will label you a show-off while not putting on any makeup at all will be thought of as lazy and geeky. However, being a woman in style and in person is not really as difficult as you may think.

For one thing, women do enjoy a larger spectrum of fashion essentials than their male counterparts. There are tones of clothes to choose from- sari, kameez, kurti, skirt, tops, fotua and what not while men have a handful of fashion staples. Then there is the joy of embellishing yourself with all sorts of opulent jewelry. We won’t even start on makeup. Being a woman is actually a great opportunity, especially in the fashion world. All you need to do is find the perfect balance between being strong and being delicate as well as between being confident and being humble.


Feminine Style

Nothing can be more fashionable and ethereal than femininity. We all face that point in life where we feel sluggish and run out of styling ideas. If that’s the case, find inspiration from the bold and delicate hues of femininity.


Be Diligently Demure

There is nothing wrong with being bashful, soft and graceful. In the style scene, they are actually other words for the term ‘elegance’. A magnificent sky blue kameez with flowy sleeves, light pearl decorations and minimal ornate decorations is the perfect combination to express this feeling. Abandon the bling and wear only a wristwatch to keep up with the simple grace of this look.


Love Your Inner Self

A woman is usually a multi-tasker doing many roles of a housewife, mother, student, job-holder and what not at the same time. However, she often forgets herself in the process. Rediscover your inner beauty. Glow in your unique aura. Learn to love yourself. One way to express love for yourself is by wearing only the most exquisite collections such as an elegant light blue tunic. You will see that when you dress better, you will feel happier and more confident.

Dare To Be Different

Sometimes we have to break the rules to create our own ones. You do not need to join the crowd in everything. In fact, experiment with looks. Try different coloured eye contacts, experiment with eye-shadows and lip colours. Whatever you do, have a theme in it. A light brown kameez with butterfly decorations is the perfect example. The light orange eye shadow and tangerine lipstick makes the entire look very innovative and singular.


Be Overtly Strong

Being feminine doesn’t mean you have to be weak. In fact, being strong, confident and outspoken is the actual mantra of femininity. A cool dark coloured kameez with buttons and designs almost resemble corporate attires. But unlike shirts and blazers, there is more elegance and splendor infused in it. Being gracefully strong is also an art.

Model: Jesmin Moushumi

Photo: Monjurul Alam

Styling: Syed Ruma

Wardrobe: Zabin’s

Make-up: Zaara's Beauty Lounge

Story: Nusrat Jahan Pritom