Sura Kahf | 2018-09-01

Sura Kahf

Verses (78-79)

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Sura Kahf

The names of Allah Most Gracious, Most Merciful


78.          He answered: “This is

                The parting between me

                And thee: now will I

                Tell thee the interpretation

                Of (those things) over which

                Thou wast unable

                To hold patience. 1


79.          “As for the boat

                It belonged to certain

                Men in dire want:

                They plied on the water:

                I but wished to render it

                Unserviceable, for there was

                After them a certain king

                Who seized on every boat

                By force. 2



1. The story and the interpretation are given with the greatest economy of words. It would repay us to search for the meaning in terms of our own inner and outer experience.

2. They went on the boat, which was plying for hire. Its owners were not even ordinary men who plied for trade. They had been reduced to great poverty, perhaps from affluent circumstances, and deserved great commiseration, the more so as they preferred an honest calling to begging for charity. They did not know, but khidhr did, that that boat, perhaps a new one, had been marked down to be commandeered by an unjust king who seized on every boat he could get-it may have been for warlike purposes. If this boat had been taken away from these self-respecting men, they would have been reduced to beggary, with no resources left them. By a simple act of making it unseaworthy, the boat was saved from seizure. The owners could repair it as soon as the danger was past. Khidhr probably paid liberally in fares, and what seemed an unaccountably cruel act was the greatest act of kindness he could do in the circumstances.


(Source: The Meaning of the Glorious Quran by Abdullah Yusuf Ali)