‘Sarkari Chakori Ain’ won’t protect corrupt officials: ACC chairman | 2018-08-28

‘Sarkari Chakori Ain’ won’t protect corrupt officials: ACC chairman

Staff Correspondent

28 August, 2018 12:00 AM printer

Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) Chairman Iqbal Mahmood on Monday said he believes that the government cannot enact any law to protect corrupt elements.

“I rather see the proposed Sarkari Chakori Ain 2018 bill as a safeguard for honest public servants instead of corrupt ones,” he said.

The ACC chief came up with the remarks while replying to queries of journalists at the commission’s headquarters in the capital over the proposed act approved by the cabinet on August 20.

He said the corrupt officials should not rejoice at the enactment of the act. “The commission will have no problem bringing them to justice,” he said.

The ACC chairman, however, said he is yet to know the contents of the proposed law regarding the arrest (of public servants) as he sees dissimilarity in news on it in different newspapers.

Asked whether the commission will face problems after the enactment of the bill, he said, “We do not want to hold talks with the government over the matter. We hope the government will not make any law to save corrupt officials.”

“The ACC is an independent body and it is guided by the law. The commission would remain independent until it is made dependent. I wanted to make it clear that the commission would not act after taking anyone’s permission,” he said

The ACC chief said the commission has its own laws. “I want to make it clear that the commission will not seek anybody’s permission to work.”

He said he learned from the newspaper that it would take time to enact the bill. “The bill will be tabled in parliament and there will be debates. But I think no law is made to save the corrupt people.”

“For as long as the independent commission exists, it will not be easy to get away with committing corruption,” he added

The draft of the ‘Sarkari Chakori Ain 2018’ was approved by cabinet on August 20. As per the draft law, a government employee can be arrested before issuance of charge sheet in any criminal case only after necessary approval of the authorities concerned.