8 Beauty Mistakes You Must Avoid | 2018-07-30

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8 Beauty Mistakes You Must Avoid

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30 July, 2018 12:00 AM printer

8 Beauty Mistakes You Must Avoid

While we love selfies, one of our darkest fears is tagged photos. You never know what comes up! Sometimes the photos we are tagged in are gorgeous. Well, sometimes at least! Most of the time they are such that makes us squirm. Mostly the blame goes to our makeup for that.


We focus on every little thing yet forget some minor details which can cause a great impact. Recently, beauty experts from all around the world revealed their mantra on how to get flawless makeup. Here are some mistakes girls have to quit making!

Eyebrows Are Sisters, Not Twins

Mistakes: It is probably one mistake we are all guilty of! Most of us try desperately to make both eyebrows the same shape forgetting that they are each unique beings with unique personalities. We must remember that our brows are sisters and not twins! It does not matter if one brow is more arched than the other, as long as they are similar it looks more natural.

Technique: When filling in the brows, use light, feathered strokes. You want the product you are using to look like brow hairs and not be a block colour, especially at the front of the brow.


Conceal Lightly

Mistakes: Applying too much concealer, using a too-thick concealer and using the wrong shade are some common mistakes. We must remember there is a reason why they are called “concealers”. The idea is to conceal the blemishes we want to hide.

Technique: Only use the concealer where you really need it, such as under the eyes and around the nose. Thick concealer will gather in any fine lines and crease. Remember that your concealer should never be more than one or two shades lighter than your skin tone!


Clumpy Mascara

Mistakes: We Bengali girls love our eyes. Most of us feel embarrassed to hit the outdoors without kajol and mascara. However, are we overdoing the mascara part? Holding on to mascaras for too long until they are dry and clumpy (the more you use them, the more air gets inside and consequently dries the product out) and pumping mascara to get more product (as this again leads to more air in the tube) is a mistake.

Technique: Try and throw out your mascaras after about three months, as they can collect germs within the tube. The best technique for mascara would be to first, curl your lashes, and then start with the wand at the root of the lashes and wiggle the brush to the tip. This makes sure all lashes are coated, especially at the root. If you get any clumps, use a spoolie (clean mascara wand) and brush through the lashes to separate them.

Eyeliner Errors (Kohl And Liquid)

Mistakes: It’s not just the mascara we have problems with. Eyeliners need love too. Pulling the skin, as you will create a distorted line as your face is not relaxed; keeping old kohl liners which become dry and will drag the skin is a complete ‘no’.

Technique (Kohl): Kohl eyeliner is mainly used for the waterline and to create a soft, smoky line. You can apply a kohl eyeliner to the outer parts of the waterline so as not to fully close off the eyes, or use a nude eyeliner to brighten.


Laying A Foundation

Mistakes: Do you forget to first prep the skin? It’s ok. We have all been there. The other mistake we tend to make is using mismatching foundation. Girls who are brownish look grey when they wear snow white foundation.

Technique: Foundation will sit better on the skin if it's perfectly moisturized and clean. The more you moisturize before you apply your base, the better it will look!

You also need to be aware of what type of foundation looks better on your skin. For example, a powder foundation will cling to any dry patches on dry skin and a dewy foundation will make oily skin look even shinier. Last but not least, the colour match is important! Foundations also have undertones, so when you are trying to colour match, be aware of what undertone you are.