Colours That Create A Buzz | 2018-07-16 |

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Colours That Create A Buzz

Nusrat Jahan Pritom

16 July, 2018 12:00 AM printer

Colours That  Create A Buzz

When you have had enough of the same old fashion week after week, when even international celebs don’t do anything new, it’s time to bring out your inner spark. In the pursuit of global trends, we tend to forget originality. While following trends is great, it’s good to try other stuffs now and then to stand out a little. However, while we all love to be conspicuous, we want to achieve that gracefully. This means no blue lipstick or rainbow coloured wig! There are modish ways to look unique and gorgeous. One such way is to revive unique colours we hardly see nowadays. Look striking in these chic makeovers.

Orange Lipstick- Vintage Love

This is one colour we hardly see nowadays. And that’s just very unfortunate. Orange coloured lipsticks are adorable. They can easily transform a regular look to a cute feminine one (like the pink coloured lipstick) and even turn a simple style into a glamorous one (like the red colorued lipstick). Orange goes great with all coloured dresses- think blue, grey, black, white and so on. Furthermore, there is a semblance of vintage in it. The best way you can wear this look in these rainy days of monsoon is with a winged eyeliner on a neutral base on eyes, light brown brush and the scintillating orange lipstick. Consider keeping your eyebrow sprouts for a more natural, elegant appeal.


Scintillating Cobalt Blue Eye-Shadow

Perhaps the reason such a gorgeous eye shade has become extinct is because people opt for more nude eye shadows nowadays. However, for those date nights that you want to create an impression or for lustrous occasions where you want to introduce all with the star in you, cobalt eye-shadows are perfect. They do not black it out, like smokey eyes, but offer a splendor no other colour from the palette can replace. The best way to wear this eye-shadow is with peach or bare lips. Opt for black dress with this one.

Smart Copper Brown Lipstick

You might remember this colour as this was once our mothers and aunties’ favourite. It was just copper brown lipstick, magenta lipstick and red lipstick that ruled the 90’s in Bangladesh. However, there is such an intrinsic gothic appeal in this colour that it would surely favour the rock star girls of today. Then again, the trendy woman will also find something gorgeous in it as brown lipsticks are quite popular nowadays. Copper brown lipstick looks great with all whether you are sporting no eye-shadow, light eye-shadow or party eye makeup.


Say Goodbye To Shiny Colours

One thing the fashion nerds of today no longer do is try too hard. This has caused a sudden demise of shiny lipstick, which was once a matter of pride.