Monsoon Fashion Mistakes To Avoid

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16 July, 2018 12:00 AM printer

Monsoon Fashion Mistakes To Avoid

Don’t let the rain wash away your wardrobe. When the scorching summer heat comes to an end and monsoon makes a grand entry, your wardrobe demands to be changed. Vibrant colours and rain friendly clothes take over. Did you think that a rainy day would mean taking a break from fashionable clothes? Well, there you may be mistaken. In fact, the more the colour, the merrier. However, there are a few other things you can do away with. Here is a quick guide to a stylish monsoon:


On a rainy day, instead of sporting tight fitted t-shirts, you can go for loose tops or kurtis instead. Nothing speaks style and comfort more articulately than a cotton kurti. Crop tops, and tank tops can be a great option. You could team up your bright coloured top with neutral skirts and look nothing less than fabulous. It’s also a great time to bid adieu to your good old jeans. Replace them with three quarters or leggings. The same goes for wide palazzos unless you like some mud on them.



Unpredictable puddles, muddy streets and the waterlogged streets are not ideal for stylish stilettos or kitten heals. So, it is important to choose your footwear well. Jelly flats, funky flip flops or bright and shiny gumboots can be your best friends.



Monsoon is not the best time to flaunt your expensive leather bags as the rain might damage them. Go for nylon or plastic tote bags which can keep all your possessions dry and safe when it pours. Transparent handbags can up your style quotient while keeping all your things dry and safe.


Raincoats are no longer mundane now and they are widely available in gorgeous patterns, colours and materials. There is no dearth of stylish and trendy rainwear online. Choose from balloon raincoats, rain ponchos, transparent raincoats in a variety of bright and neon shades. Avoid funky colours if you choose to buy only one.



The world of umbrellas is not so starkly black anymore with a great range of colourful umbrellas in beautiful designs. The foldable umbrellas are compact and are easy to carry around. There is nothing you probably want to avoid in the umbrella section. However, try to pass over the long black umbrellas for the short cute ones as the latter one is more feminine and chic.


Scarves can be the biggest saviours and they are less cumbersome when compared to dupattas. Beautiful prints in myriad colours are available in scarves and are available in different fabrics like cotton, mulmul and chiffon. Avoid scarves of materials that are too heavy as it might take too long for them to dry, in case it rains. You don’t want to end up catching a cold!