Survivors of deadly Japan floods face uncertain future | 2018-07-11 |

Survivors of deadly Japan floods face uncertain future

11 July, 2018 12:00 AM printer

KURASHIKI: As Tomie Takebe looked at the ruins of her flood-ravaged home in the Japanese town of Kurashiki, she struggled to say whether she would ever live there again, reports AFP. 

Record rainfall that unleashed devastating floods and landslides has killed at least 156 people in Japan, and many of those who survived face an uncertain future in homes and towns transformed beyond recognition.

Takebe, 67, was in the Mabi district of Kurashiki in Okayama prefecture, which was partially engulfed by flooding that has now receded, leaving a thick layer of silt as a sign of where the water once was.

“I don’t know what to say,” she said, as she looked at the damage to her two storey home, its contents jumbled together and caked in mud.

“My fridge, everything... It’s all covered in mud,” she said, as relatives helped her bring items outside.