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Eid in digital age

Eid in digital age

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In transformation of technology, there are many new trends have been engaged to the festivity of big occasion especially on Eid-ul-Fitr, largest festival for the Muslim community.

Shanta stays in Ireland with her children. Her family lives far in Bangladesh. She misses her family on big occasions like Eid. There was a day when mobile voice call was only way to connect her mother.

Now she connects her mother and other members of her family through Skype which lessens her distance at least a little.

This is the era of technology. The manners of greeting are gradually digitalising more. Once upon a time, we used to meet our friends and family on festivals with gifts and food.

Children used to crave for eidee (salami) from elders. This festive mood cannot go extinct. Guess what! There is no way to avoid the eidee even you live far away! The mobile money, like bKash brings the opportunity to get the eidee from seniors. The adults in a family can manage the kids easily through the mobile wallet on finger tips.

Eid-workouts are now quite trouble-free by grace of 'E' services. Let's go for an overview.

Shopping is the synonym of festival, especially Eid-Ul-Fitr. People enjoy the crowd at shopping spots. The harassment of heavy crowd and traffic can be solved within a click on desktop or mobile browser now.

There many local and international market places on web, like, Ajker Deal, Priyoshop, Punoh. They are ready to colour your festival. The delivery charge is affordable and you're tension-free if you choose the cash-on-delivery method. is specially designed for women. Google Women Tech Maker Lead Rakhshanda Rukham initiated the website in association with Prenuer Lab, an innovation researcher centre in Bangladesh.

She says, "This is an unique platform for the women who loves to shop. We try to bring all kind of online shop in one place through the site. The mobile application of the site is on processing."

Ticketing is another painful task on the rash of all homebound people at a time. So it is time you book your seat through online or mobile ticketing. Some popular ticketing sites in the country are, Mobicash and Bd Tickets. Bd-tickets offer some 600 routes with 21 transport companies. The people of southern part of the country can grab their shipping tickets easily on

The android application, Bangladeshi Recipe is a smart app to know the Bangladeshi and south Asian food in easy way. Besides, there are many applications in Google and Microsoft app store. Just start with your own key words. There are apps that teach makeover with easy tutorials too.

You can take a new way to surprise the youngsters on this Eid gifting salami through mobile banking. Wishing your kith and kin living abroad is a lot easier now via social media like Facebook, Viber, and Skype now. If you want to bring difference, the online music service Sound Cloud would be a best option to wish sharing favourite songs as well as own word online.

Last, not the least, find a social welfare event going on around you and join that wave. A smile brought by you can take you straight to the carnival of smile.


Jannatul Islam is with the Daily Sun. He can be reached over email at [email protected]