‘Silent Revelations’ To Explore Multiple Themes | 2018-04-20

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‘Silent Revelations’ To Explore Multiple Themes

Mohammd Asadurjaman Aslam Molla

20 April, 2018 12:00 AM printer

‘Silent Revelations’ 
To Explore Multiple Themes

‘Edge, The Foundation’ is going to organize a two-week-long solo art exhibition titled `Silent Revelations’ by renowned artist Mohammad Iqbal at The Courtyard at Park Heights, Dhanmondi from April 22-May 05, 2018. The inaugural ceremony of this art exhibition will be held tomorrow.

“The war and crime, religious grudge and racial conflicts arbitrarily dominate the present world. Although the development of philosophy, science and technology has contributed enormously to the development of human civilization, certain harmful human activities against nations, society and environment have jeopardized our progress. Unfortunately, despite reaching the peak of the evolution, our civilization has incorporated in it the practice of anti-humanism and fanaticism, gradually transforming into a mechanical state. This imbalance has severely affected our environment that accommodates all the living beings. As an artist, I have tried to portray the endangered environment as well as the sorrowful faces of the helpless, tortured and panic-stricken children in my artworks, attempting to illustrate the brutality of anti-humanism”, said artist Mohammad Iqbal about his upcoming 42nd solo art exhibition. 

Mohammad Iqbal will display a series of attractive narrative-based artworks in the exhibition focusing on a number of themes. Iqbal’s artworks bear clear evidence that he has a sharp social and political consciousness in which his thoughts are very lucid and coherent.

Neglected and mistreated children have become a key subject of his works. He is very much concerned about the turmoil of the world politics where even the innocent children are victimized and subjected to destruction. In his artworks the artist has portrayed many faces of children in approximately the same disposition. Through the oval shaped faces, the artist seeks to convey the innocent and unaltered dreams and yearnings of children while their eyes are the predominant aspects of these paintings. The eyes express surprise, pain, longing, puzzlement and panic.

Besides, Iqbal has expressed his respect for mystic Bauls in his artworks as many of his characters on canvas are saints and mystics. It seems that the artist is extremely fascinated not only by the Bauls but also by their philosophical views, distinctive clothes and musical instruments. 



Total 50 artworks will be exhibited in this exhibition including the works of abstract, semi-abstract, realistic and figurative styles. Iqbal has used oil and acrylic on canvas, Japanese paper (specially the washi paper) and pastel on paper to create his paintings.

Mohammad Iqbal is a prominent contemporary artist based in Dhaka and Tokyo. He has received numerous awards at home and abroad including Atish Diponkor Gold Medal in Fine Arts (2015), Nomura Grand Award (2010) and Aoki Shigeru Grand Prize (2005). His artworks have been displayed in a number of national and international group exhibitions.