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Shape Up These three Top Trouble Zones

13 March, 2018 12:00 AM printer

Shape Up These three Top Trouble Zones

Everyone has their own personal trouble zone when it comes to their body. No matter what it is, everyone has at least one area they’re self-conscious about. You know what won’t fix it? Complaining. You know what will? There are three common places that people site as their trouble areas: the tummy, the saddlebags and the underarms. If one of these is your big hang up, don’t resign to keeping it under wraps for the rest of your life. With a little planning and hard work, you can tackle your trouble zone and change it for good.

The spare tire


Belly bulge is arguably the number one cause of body insecurity. Belly fat is the most dangerous for your health, but perhaps one of the most simple to fix. You may be scoffing at my use of the word “simple,” but while you can’t spot reduce, you can come closest around the middle. Belly fat is a classic sign of poor diet, so to take inches off your middle and tighten its appearance, clean up your diet by avoiding processed grains, saturated fats and sugars. You can then add additional tone and definition by doing core work, like planks and nip in the waist even further by focusing on oblique work, like lateral bends.

The saddlebags

The saddlebags are the area right on the outside of the hips, usually accompanied by a big line under the butt cheek and some nice, dimply cellulite. To take inches off your thighs and smooth them out, think outside the squat: your legs are used to working in a forward or backward motion, so work them all the way around with lying leg raises using bands or ankle weights for resistance. Do leg raises at all angles to hit the outer and inner thighs.

The bat wings

The tricep under-arm jiggle is a big complaint among women, causing many to forgo tees and tanks even in the summer. Firm up your bat wings with tricep exercises: kickbacks, extensions and pushups. Experiment with different arm positions like overhead extensions, pull downs, negative reps and change up the hand positioning and tempo of your pushups to challenge the triceps in ways they aren’t used to.


Dark Chocolate

Yes, finally, some great news. Dark chocolate has stearic acid. This assists with digestion. The bitterness of dark chocolate sends signals to the body, which naturally decrease your appetite. I personally like the bitterness, but if you do not, try a cup of coffee with it, to reduce the bitter taste. Opt for 70% and above pure cocoa when you chose your dark chocolate.