Unbeatable mosquitoes!

Staff Correspondent

11 March, 2018 12:00 AM printer

Unbeatable mosquitoes!

Dhaka city dwellers have been facing severe mosquito problems for the last few weeks though the city corporations have taken various initiatives to control mosquitoes.

Sources said mosquito coil, spray, electric bat or fogging machines fail to give city dwellers relief from the mosquito menace, which has become intolerable.

The authorities concerned spend a huge amount of money every year to combat mosquitoes but it seems that all the efforts have gone in vain this year.

In the middle of last year, a large number of people suffered from Chikungunya, a mosquito-borne disease, in the capital as mosquito breeding cannot be controlled.

Due to the increase in mosquito populations, city dwellers fear that mosquito-borne diseases like dengue and Chikungunya may spread this year too.

However, officials of the two city corporations said there is nothing to be panicked. Special programmes have already been taken to control the breeding of mosquitoes, they said.

Mosquito problems are acute particularly in Banasree, Khailgaon, Motijheel, Mirpur, Pallabi, Dholaikhal, Gendaria, Meer Hazaribagh, Jatrabari, Dholpur, Shyampur, Kamrangirchar, Sutrapur, Mohammadpur, Moghbazar, Maniknagar, Basaboo, Kamalapur, Mugda, Sayedabad, Rampura, Badda, Mohakhali, Kuril, Hazaribagh and Rayerbazar and adjacent areas.

Dhaka South City Corporation (DSCC) started two-week long anti-mosquito drive from February 28. Mosquito control medicine is being sprayed in the 57 wards under DSCC.

Talking to the daily sun, Chief Health Officer of DSCC Brig Gen Sheikh Salahuddin said, “We are getting benefits of the anti-mosquito drive as mosquitoes have decreased in DSCC area.”

Due to Chikungunya outbreak last year, the DSCC opened a call centre number and provide free medical treatment and medicines for people suffering from Chikungunya at home.

Later, the DSCC opened free physiotherapy service for Chikungunya patients.

A businessman of city’s Uttara area, Hasanuzzaman, said, “We have been suffering from mosquito problems for the last few weeks. We are scared of diseases spread by mosquitoes as last year my family members suffered from Chikungunya.”

Dhaka North City Corporation (DNCC) has taken an anti-mosquito crash programme from February 12 for mosquito control. The programme was supposed to be run till February 28, but later it was extended up to 15 March in changed circumstances.

DNCC Panel Mayor Md Osman Gani said, “The DNCC has spent Tk 10-11 lakh every day to run this special programme.”

But due to doubt of the effectiveness of the medicine, they have decided to change it, he added.

Gani said, “When we spray in one place, mosquitoes do not stay there anymore. As long as there is effect of the medicine, mosquitoes do not come there. But they come again.

“So, we’ve taken a crash programme, which will be launched after March 15 with new medicine. Then medicines will be sprayed in the breeding grounds of mosquitoes.”

DNCC Public Relations Officer (PRO) ASM Mamun said, “Besides the crash programme, we conducted five-day special programme in March in our five zones.”    

The DNCC has launched a hotline number to conduct the mosquito eradication programme on February 28.

City dwellers living in DNCC areas can call to the number from 9:00am to 5:00pm everyday and ask for spraying medicine in their respective areas to eradicate mosquito. The DNCC authority would spray medicine in the area by 24 hours after receiving the call.