Thursday, 9 December, 2021

DSCC to install 1084 digital ad boards

DSCC to install 1084 digital ad boards

Dhaka South City Corporation (DSCC) is going to install 1084 new digital advertising boards in various places of the capital’s southern part, aiming to enhance the beauty of the city.

Earlier, DSCC set up some digital curtains and LED display boards at various key points of the capital on an experimental basis.

These digital adverts will be run through digital curtain, screen projection, LED display board and

digital screen.

These advertising boards will be placed on important road junctions, road dividers, foot overbridges, pavements and other spectacular places, according to DSCC.

Through the new technology, the businesspeople will be able to run the promotional activities of their products legally.

Almost all the digital ad boards will be installed on the government land except for a few on private land.

However, the owner of a private land will be compensated for setting up digital ad boards in his land.

According to the project officials, 950 LED display boards will be set up in various important road dividers and footpaths. A total of 84 LED screens will be installed at important intersections of the capital.

Besides, 20 digital screen projections will be set up at different points of the capital. Nine LED billboards will be set up at different important installations. And there will be 11 digital screens on various overbridges.

It was learnt that five digital curtains were imported from China last year for the beautification of the capital. Later, those were installed at Shahbagh, Panthakunj, Gausia, Tantibazar and Russell Square.

This year, five more digital curtains will be set up at Science Lab, Kataban, Noor Hossain Square and Fakirapul.

The DSCC sources said 11 private organisations have got the work of digital advertising. They are Digital Tech, Noor Traders, Topten Mart Ltd, M/s Janata Enterprise, Ad World, Vision World, Media Vision, TCL Optoelectronics Ltd, Baishakhi Traders, Beston and G-Tech.

A nine-member committee has been formed to formulate a policy for the control and approval of setting up digital ads in the area under DSCC.

The DSCC chief engineer has been made convener of the committee while the chief revenue officer, law officer, all regional executive officers, chief city planner, Rajuk representative, executive engineer (P&D) and system analyst are the members in the committee.

Besides, the deputy chief revenue officer (market circle) has been kept as the member secretary in the committee. The task of the committee is to coordinate all types of advertising, policy formulations, placement of advertisements and annual fees.

The DSCC officials said the work of removing posters and billboards in the capital has started with the directive from the Prime Minister. But the digital advertising project has been taken for product promotion of the businessmen.

However, digital screens will be set up in these areas keeping in mind the hassle-free movement of the President and Prime Minister as well as the beautification of the respective areas.

To submit reports in this regard, a five-member committee, in coordination with the police, has been formed in five regions of DSCC. The regional executive officer of the concerned zone has been made the convener of these committees.

The other members of the committee are an executive engineer (mechanical), assistant engineer (power) and assistant commissioner in the concerned area of the traffic department of Dhaka Metropolitan Police (DMP). Besides, the member secretary of the committee will be a tax officer of the respective region.

Various types of advertisements will be displayed for 24 hours in these digital advertising boards.

However, 25 percent of the time of the day will be fixed for the advertisements of DSCC and the government’s development works.

However, digital ad boards have already been set up on the footpaths on both sides of Hare Road.

Contacted, DSCC Chief Revenue Officer Yusuf Ali Sardar told the daily sun the project aimed at enhancing the beauty of the city is set to earn Tk 3 crore each year.

“Each company will have to renew the contract on yearly basis. This will reduce the risk of damaging digital advertising boards due to negligence” he added.

He said, “Through this, it will be possible to make Dhaka a clean city.”