Brazil ready to help Bangladesh resolve Rohingya crisis

Envoy tells the daily sun

Md Enamul Hassan

4 February, 2018 12:00 AM printer

Brazil ready to help 
Bangladesh resolve 
Rohingya crisis

Joao Tabajara de Oliveira

Brazilian Ambassador in Dhaka Joao Tabajara de Oliveira Junior said that his country is always ready to help Bangladesh find a solution to the Rohingya crisis.

In a recent exclusive interview with the daily sun, the South American diplomat said: “Brazil is always ready to assist Bangladesh whenever it needs for overcoming the humanitarian crisis.”

“We are already helping Bangladesh at the United Nations at political level, but in humanitarian front we are yet to receive any specific demand,” he noted.

The career diplomat said that Rohingya crisis is a real and grim shock to the whole world and Bangladesh has made a great gesture by opening its border and let the displaced people seek refuge from persecutions.

Citing the crisis as a great humanitarian crisis of the millennia, Joao said, the permanent solution to the crisis lies in the implementation of the recommendations of Kofi Annan Commission report having all points for creating a permanent solution.

The Brazilian envoy stated that Bangladesh is in the right direction in resolving the crisis and doing everything possible at bilateral level.  

“Bangladesh is doing a great diplomatic job by dealing with the crisis in a sensible and pragmatic manner,” he mentioned.

In reply to a query, the diplomat said that Brazil already issued a bold statement and supported a resolution in the UNGA and the UNHRC, put up by Bangladesh over the crisis.

“We have been very supportive to the demands of Bangladesh and our support will continue in the coming days too,” he added.

Asked whether Brazil would take some Rohingyas to its territory, the envoy said this is something for that the UNHCR has to work with all its members.

Brazil has so far received a lot of refugees from many countries like Syria, Congo and Haiti, he maintained.  

Joao mentioned that Brazil has good cooperation with the UNHCR, but now the target is repatriation of Rohingyas to their homeland where they will feel comfortable and are used to live.

In reply to a query, the Latin American diplomat said that Bangladeshi people are very nice, hardworking, cordial and open-minded.

“Since my arrival here, I have become an admirer of Bangladeshi people who are pushing their country towards development,” he said.

The ambassador said that he knew very little about Bangladesh before coming to Dhaka.

Terming Bangladesh as a beautiful and interesting country, Joao said, “I have come here to live, not just as a tourist”.

“We have many things in common that really makes me feel like I am at home in my own country,” he said.

The diplomat said that he enjoys living in Dhaka and was never well-received in any country like Bangladesh.

Joao mentioned that his main priority is to show Bangladeshis Brazil and be more present here besides showing Brazilians real Bangladesh.

“Because Brazilians don’t know Bangladesh and how many things both the countries have in common,” he narrated.

“We have more to show real Brazil, including economy and prospects for its expansion,” he said.

The ambassador went on saying that there are many opportunities to be explored in private sectors between the two countries.  

He maintained that the people of both the countries don’t know the great opportunities that exist for increasing trade and investment.

Joao said Bangladeshi businesses can invest in different sectors in Brazil like pharmaceuticals, leather and RMG.

Mentioning that Bangladesh’s development trend is wonderful, he said, it shows that there is a great potential for both the countries to have joint venture and trade expansion.

In reply to a query, the envoy said that both the countries can reduce trade deficit by knowing each other better setting his priority to show Brazil here and show Bangladesh there.

He opined that Bangladesh has also to show what is it doing and how is it’s economy so that Brazilian people can find interest here.

In order to boost bilateral trade, the diplomat stressed on direct trade between Brazil and Bangladesh.

Now what comes from Brazil is through intermediary in Europe or other countries and what goes to Brazil through Dubai, Hong Kong and Singapore, not directly, he noted.

“I think Bangladesh must have trade mission in Brazil and Brazil should have its mission in Bangladesh that would make interest between each others by identifying new ways for direct trade,” he added.

The ambassador also said that with the creation of trade chamber between the businesses of the two countries, bilateral trade can be boosted to a greater extent.

“And we are working to encourage businesses from both sides to create the chamber,” he added.