12 cops withdrawn for beating Khulna trader

11 January, 2018 12:00 AM printer

KHULNA: Twelve policemen were closed to the district police lines on Tuesday for beating a trader for his protest against their harassment of his school-going sister at Kharabaad Baintala in Batiaghata upazila, reports UNB.

Five of the police personnel are Nayek Jahid, and constables Nayem, Mamun, Riaz and Abir.

According to victim Tareque Mahmud, son of Mujibur Rahman, the policemen of Kharabad Baintala Police Camp used to harass his sister, a Class-X student of Collegiate Girls High School, in front of the camp on her way to and from school.

On Tuesday morning, the law enforcers teased her and four other schoolgirls while they were crossing the camp. The five girls went to Tareque’s business establishment and described the entire incident while crying. Hearing the incident, Tareque went to the police camp and asked the law enforcers why they stalked his sister.

Instead of giving any reply to his query, Nayek Jahid got furious and asked the trader to come to the rooftop of their camp. However, Tareque returned to his shop defying the order.

Later, Nayek Jahid along with five other policemen went to Tareque’s shop and started to beat him mercilessly. The law enforcers also vandalised computers and furniture of the shop.

Hearing the trader’s screams, locals rushed in and wanted to know the reason. However, the policemen threatened to open fire if they did not go away.

Later, they took Tareque to the camp and tortured him again.