Pros And Cons Of Watching Movies

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4 January, 2018 12:00 AM printer

Pros And Cons 
Of Watching Movies

Movies are usually associated with fun, joy and entertainment. It has been entertaining us since the advent of it. While watching movie, all the stress and busy schedule are kept aside to make our mind fresh. But the fact cannot be ignored that every coin has two faces of life. It all depends on us that how much importance should be given to which film. It should also be taken into consideration that which movie is harmful or beneficial. However movies make changes in our lives either in a good or a bad way. It should be considered that the advantages and disadvantages of movies depend upon us. It is a kind of a mixed bag, with both benefits and downsides.


Advantages Of Movies

While we are watching movies we forget every stress and put it aside for the next few hours. It gives our mind a sense of relaxation. In today’s busy schedule movies are becoming increasingly important for a person to spend some time with his family and friends. A few other benefits are-

•    Enhances our analytical thinking: There are a lot of people who think in a parallel way with the movie. That is actually true. Sometimes when we watch thriller, suspense, or mystery types of movies, we cannot help but analyze what is happening together with the investigator or the detective or with the lead character.  When we watch scary films, we always try to guess who is the killer and the reason why he or she is doing it.

•    Development of a society: The roles of actors in a film inspire our real life. They divert our mind to do good deeds for the society. When we go to watch cinema, we get socialized with our friends and sometimes even mingle with unknown persons too. In this era, people are becoming more attentive towards society as compared to the past.

•    Imparts education: Now a days, people are getting interested for the kind of films that evolves a good moral. Films not only teach us the discipline of life, it also shows the positive behavior towards life. Many types of culture, arts, dance, history, science, politics etc. are shown which prove to be a source of learning for many students. This testifies the statement “a picture speaks a thousand words”.

•    Awareness: Many movies are made on social issues which are very much pertinent to our society. Movies on matters such as dowry, caste system, honour killing and socio economic divide often help create the needed awareness about the issues. They arouse the long gone conscience in people when they see individuals going through such difficult situations even if it is on screen. Movies actually help and work in delivering important messages to the society.

•    Inspiration: One of the prime benefits of watching movies is that it inspires you. Biopic and movies on historical figures often give you a glimpse into the simple truths of life. You get to see through your own eyes the transformation of ordinary men and women into heroes in times of needs and somewhere it motivates you to look at life in a different perspective.

•    Showing world’s art and culture: A middle class family cannot afford to travel out of the country. It is because of movies that we are able to understand and learn about different cultures. A movie showcases the beauty of other countries and their culture at a comparatively low cost.

•    Employment and revenue: In recent days, it has become a trend to shoot movies outside the sets or at some other country or state. This increases the revenue of that place and also creates employment.



Disadvantages Of Movies

Movies affect the minds of people if not taken correctly. Some disadvantages are-

•    Misleading concept: Youths of today’s society are very prone to get diverted. Most of the time films display such styles and habits which divert youngsters to commit theft, murder, crime, violent fights and also to adopt bad things such as smoking, drinking etc.

•    Movies for profit: Movies are solely made for the profit. But audience finds it very appealing as youngsters do not have the maturity to understand such motives.

•    False objects: Most of the time people get attached with any character of the movie. They try to copy them even if they cannot afford to do so. For example, fighting, abusing language etc.

At last it should be concluded that, movies have many positive and negative elements. It depends on our way of thinking that a movie will be beneficial for us or not.