Selena Gomez’s year of music

2 January, 2018 12:00 AM printer

Selena Gomez says 2018 will be her ''year of music''. The 'Bad Liar' hitmaker has thrilled fans by teasing that she is likely to be releasing new music in the new year.

Asked by Billboard what she is most looking forward to in 2018, she simply said: ''2018 will be my year of music.''

Meanwhile, Selena previously revealed how proud she is that female musicians have become so honest.

She said: ''A positive thing and change in the music industry has been the women. I think the women have really defined their voices and I feel most comfortable because I see all the women I look up to feeling comfortable enough to talk about the struggles or things that they've gone through ...

''I think it's an important time where people can say what they feel and know their platforms are used for something great. I'm so proud and happy to be a part of the industry while it is changing in this way and I couldn't be more honoured to be a part of that ...

''I think one of the experiences I've had myself, I've experienced a lot with my health, and being able to talk about that confidently ... I feel like I can make a positive impact by sharing my story.''

Selena has had a difficult year - including having to undergo a kidney transplant - but says it taught her to work at her ''own pace''.

She explained: ''This year, I did it on my own pace. I don't want to rush this ... I was like, 'No, I'm going to release the songs I want to release and just take my time.' I was going through stuff personally, and I just wanted to take care

of myself.''          —Contactmusic