Tuesday, 30 May, 2023

Modi calls for debate on internal democracy in parties

NEW DELHI: Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday called for a debate on internal democracy in political parties, asserting that the growth of “true democratic spirit” within them is necessary for the country’s future, reports Times of India.


Modi made these remarks in a brief speech to the media at a ‘Diwali Milan’ event at the BJP headquarters as he pointed out that funding to political parties is often debated but not their values, ideologies, internal democracy and how they give opportunities to the new generation of leaders.


The country, he said, is not much aware of the practice of democracy within parties and the media should turn its attention to it, he said.


“Whether democratic values are a part of their (parties) core values or not, should be debated widely. I believe that the development of a true democratic spirit within political parties is necessary not only for the country’s future but also for democracy,” he said.


Though the prime minister made no reference to any rival party, his comments come against the backdrop of reports that the Congress may elevate its vice-president Rahul Gandhi as party president in place of his mother Sonia Gandhi.


The BJP has often accused the Congress of practising dynasty politics and juxtaposed that with the rise of its party workers to top echelons to project itself as a party with a difference.


Modi also acknowledged that there are many voices within the BJP as he noted that when it was a small organisation earlier or during the times of Jana Sangh, its forerunner, there used to be “ideological harmony” from its central leadership down to workers in the bottom rung.