Friday, 21 January, 2022

None is above law

None is above law

The speculation about Surendra Kumar Sinha who is still the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court is gradually taking a concrete shape with the passage of time. While some aspects of the controversies around him still remain shrouded in mystery and may take time to be revealed fully, concrete allegations of corruption, even of money laundering and, more seriously, of moral turpitude have been brought against him.

The gravity of the situation is reflected in the fact that it is for the first time in the history of the country’s judiciary that the apex court issued a statement against its existing Chief Justice. Before this, the President of the Republic is reported to have placed as many as 11 allegations before some judges who attended a meeting called by him. It is learnt from media reports that he also showed documentary evidences in support of the allegations.

It is really saddening that corruption allegations could at all be brought against a person in the position of the Chief Justice. However, since allegations of serious nature have been brought to public notice, proper investigations should be conducted by competent authorities to bring out the truth. This is important for a host of reasons.

It is for the sake of justice that truths behind these hullabaloos should be brought to light to take steps against him in the way law permits if he is found guilty, as none – even the person of this stature – is above law. This is more so to remove doubts from public mind through fair disposal of the allegations and, at the same time, allow Justice Sinha come out clean if he is not guilty.

What these allegations and controversies are going to beget is still in the womb of time. But the stake is already very high and nothing less than the image of the country’s judiciary itself. Fingers of corruption allegation were quite often raised against the country’s judicial system. And, now, if the allegations against Justice Sinha are found to be true, the prestige of the judiciary will experience another jolt. All stakeholders should therefore act in a way that no further damage is done to the justice delivery system.