Pros And Cons Of Being A Workaholic | 2017-09-07


Pros And Cons Of Being A Workaholic

Morshedul Alam Mohabat

7 September, 2017 12:00 AM printer

Pros And Cons Of Being A Workaholic

Many of us are actually addicted to our works. Such kinds of people are often termed as ‘workaholic’. Well, while your employer may like you if you are a workaholic, the fact is that many people around you may actually find it quite difficult to cope with you. They may even feel annoyed at you. However there are both pros and cons of being a workaholic.   


A Way To Earn More


If you are a workaholic, your average daily or monthly earnings will increase to a great extent. Hence, your bank balance is bound to increase and your road to becoming rich is at a short distance.


You Will Gain Skills


Being a workaholic, you become more skilled and experienced and capable of solving or tackling any difficult situation that may arise or you may come across in your work.



You Will Get Close To Your Employer


If you work a lot, you will turn into your employer’s favourite employee. The office workaholic is the boss’s go to guy. He knows he can count on you, and you take pride in knowing that he does. Moreover as you are the office expert, people will admire your work ethic.

Along with all these advantages some problems may even cross your path. Here are some disadvantages of being addicted to your works:

• As a workaholic you are glued to your system or laptop and you do not have any time for relaxation or any other entertainment nor you freely mingle with your family members or entertain them. Hence, you always remain isolated from your spouse and other family members, thereby gradually getting estranged from them by losing their support, love and affection.  

• As a workaholic you may always remain under mental stress. Without any scope for relaxation of your mind or physique, your health gradually deteriorates accumulating everything on its way. Your life span is likely to get reduced because of your deteriorating health conditions. Probably due to your ill-health, you may even die before your retirement. It is a pity that having been a workaholic during your service, neither you nor your family is going to enjoy the fruits of your retirement.

• You are likely to fail in your personal relationship with your spouse, thereby she may get estranged from you and your marital life is bound to fail. Nor you will be a responsible and lovable father to your children. Your bank balance will not come to your rescue.

Well, now the question comes – how to overcome these problems? One suggestion is that try to reduce your work load gradually so that you can reduce your stress and tension caused by the overwork. Do not work overtime. Do your work only during the stipulated office hours, besides availing reasonable time breaks for your lunch, tea and relaxation. Be aware that man is a social animal. Therefore, always feel free, mingle with others, build up your friends’ network and be an active member of it.