Violence against women on the rise

2,944 victimised in seven months

Staff Correspondent

3 August, 2017 12:00 AM printer

Violence against women is on the rise as 2,944 of them were victims of violence in last seven months across the country.


This has been revealed by Bangladesh Mahila Parishad that published a report in this regard on Wednesday.


Of them, 544 were victims in the month of July, 381 in June, 453 in May, 419 in April, 406 in March, 376 of February and 365 were victims in January, the report said.


It also said that some 526 women and baby girls had been raped in last seven months. “Of them, 97 were raped in July, 87 in June, 84 in May, 67 in April, 71 in March, 62 in February and 58 in January,” Mahila Parishad said.  


Apart from this, 119 women and girls were gang-raped and 113 were victims to attempted rape. Forty-one of them were killed after rape during the period, the report revealed.


At least 440 women were killed while 225 of them committed suicide, 151 fell prey to eve-teasing, 85 sexually harassed and 26 others were acid attacked.
Besides, 109 women were killed and 137 became victims of torture for dowry across the country.


Moreover, 116 girls were forced to do child marriage while 87 others were victims of attempted child marriage, the report said.


Rights activists have expressed their deep concern over increasing violence against women.


They said a culture of impunity, biasness of law enforcers and administration, social and political unrest, social degradation and drug addiction are the major reasons for rising violence against women.