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Jatiya Party-led alliance splits

Mohammad Al Amin     19 May, 2017 12:00 AM printer

Jatiya Party-led 
alliance splits

Jatiya Party (Ershad)-led United National Alliance splits merely one week after the announcement of its formation.


On May 7, Jatiya Party Chairman HM Ershad announced the political alliance consisting of 58 parties at a press conference in the capital’s National Press Club.


He said the alliance comprises two political parties —Jatiya Party (Ershad) and Bangladesh Islami Front led by MA Mannan and components of two alliances — Jatiya Islami Mahajote led by Abu Naser Wahed Faruk and Bangladesh National Alliance (BNA) led by Sekender Ali Moni.


“There are 58 political parties, including two registered parties, and components of two political alliances in the new alliance,” Shunil Shuvo Roy, a presidium member of Jatiya Party told daily sun after the press conference.


Alliance sources said Bangladesh National Alliance (BNA) led by Sekender Ali Moni has been split into two parts.


While talking to daily sun, Moni said, “Some 4-5 signboard-based political parties, having no address, entered the BNA. They along with some 10-11 parties, which also exist only in name, have formed another committee. They think I receive a lot of money from different sources, but I don’t share it with them.”


“We held a meeting on Thursday and expelled five political parties from the BNA, including five other political parties, to maintain the 22-party alliance. As usual, we exist in Jatiya Party-led Shammilito Jatiya Jote,” he added.


Moni said the expelled political parties are  Selim Haider-led Bangladesh Ganajagaran Party, Benjir Ahmed-led Aamjanata Party, Hossain Molla-led Gana Odhikar Party, Golam Mostafa Haider-led Awami Party Bangladesh and Dulal Shaha Chandra-led Bangladesh Tafsil Federation.


However, Selim Haider of Bangladesh Ganajagaran Party told daily sun: “BNA had no committee for long. Sekender Ali Moni was its self-declared chairman.


We have formed its new committee on May 16 which was approved on the next day. I am the chairman of the BNA new committee and Benjir Ahmed is its member secretary.”


“There are 14 active political parties and eight parties, which exist only in name, in the BNA . We, the eleven parties, have formed the new committee of the alliance. Only three parties are now under leadership of Sekender Ali Moni. We are in Shammilito Jatiya Jote led by HM Ershad,” he added.


Asked about split in BNA, Jatiya Party secretary general ABM Ruhul Amin Hawlader told daily sun: “Difference of opinion and misunderstanding over leadership had been created among them. Both the two factions of the BNA are with our alliance.”