Monday, 4 July, 2022

‘Transgender people need support for decent livelihood’

‘Transgender people need support for decent livelihood’

RAJSHAHI: HSC passed Poly, a transgender, is now running a boutique house in her resident at Mollapara area in Rajshahi city. Prior to this, she received training on boutique business plan from Bandhu Social Welfare Society (BSWS), reports BSS.


Poly becomes a small entrepreneur through hardworking in addition to overcoming multifarious social barriers contributing a lot towards society.


In the initial stage, Diner Alo Hijra Sangha (DAHS) provides her a grant worth Taka 10,000. Some 35 females including two transgender are working at her centre as day-labours. In addition to the local markets, she is supplying her finished goods to Dhaka and Khulna markets. Now, she earns around Taka 7,000 per month and owns capital worth Taka 90,000.


For her furthermore business expansion, she needs a market area showroom at present. “All small and big entrepreneurs are given bank loans and other requisite supports for business expansion but why not me,” Poly poses question. Similar to Poly, Afsana of Miapur and Yeasin of Katakhali areas are now doing sewing and tailoring works at their respective houses after getting sewing machines through DAHS as grant.


Mohona, President of DAHS, told BSS that 50 transgender people took part in a 50-day skill development training course on computer, sewing and cattle rearing here last year. After the training conducted by Department of Social Service (DSS), they were given Taka 13,500 each as grant for income generation purposes. But, unfortunately, most of them couldn’t utilize their acquired knowledge and money for proper purposes due to lack of necessary financial support, Mohona added.


Rubina Yeasmin, Deputy Director of DSS, said main objective of the training was to involve the extreme socially excluded people in various income generating activities.


There are more than 500 transgender people in the city and its adjacent areas and are involved in various immoral activities like door to door toll collection and unprotected sex-trade for their livelihood.


Mohona mentioned that this is the high time of transforming them into worthy citizens for preventing them from their frequent indecent behavior.


Asked why they are collecting toll forcibly from mainly parents of newborns Priya Rani, another transgender, said, “We have no alternative. None give us jobs or works”.


Actually, there are many people in the society but no people to help us honestly, she opined. DAHS have a rented office building where there is scope of making the transgender people self-reliant through imparting them with need-based training. But, due to lack of funds the existing scope could not be utilized for long.


“We have contacted various public and private sector banks for loan repeatedly but they didn’t pay heed to our request as yet,” she lamented.


Showing an official order Mohona mentioned that Bangladesh Bank has an instruction to all scheduled banks of providing necessary support for funding transgender entrepreneurs but the local bank authorities don’t obey the instruction.