Drive against unfit vehicles

6 March, 2017 12:00 AM printer

Roads of Bangladesh rank one of the highest in fatality rate, thanks to plying of unfit vehicles and reckless driving by unskilled drivers. Despite the high rate of avoidable deaths and maiming of thousands of people and their cumulative socio-economic effects on the family members of the victims, the authorities concerned hardly have taken effective measures to address these burning issues for curbing accidents.  


According to media reports, Dhaka South City Corporation (DSCC) is scheduled to initiate a drive today to withdraw vehicles which have been plying the city roads for 20 and 20 plus years. The DSCC, Bangladesh Road Transport Authority, Dhaka Metropolitan Police and District Deputy Commissioners are jointly going to start this mobile court operation. The mobile court also will take actions against drivers who do not have genuine driving licence.


However, actions against owners and drivers of unfit vehicles and unauthorised drivers ought to be regular duties of the law enforcers who are involved in traffic management. But, with great dismay, city dwellers have been paying prices for the damages caused by unfit vehicles mainly due to failure of those who are supposed to stop the movement of worn out vehicles and reckless driving often by the drivers without license. The alarming aspect of the reality is that more than 93,000 vehicles that ply city roads are unfit. It seems, there is none to check these anomalies in the transportation sector.  


The Mayor of DSCC made an announcement earlier about the drive. It is common knowledge that the mobile court operation of its type could not produce desired results earlier because unfit buses, human haulers, CNG-run auto-rickshaws, pick-up vans and private cars suddenly disappeared from roads ahead of such publicised drives. However, unfit vehicles started plying roads after the end of such special drives.


We hope the drive initiated today is going to be the beginning of a continuous process to end anomalies on roads and this will only end when there will be no unfit vehicle on roads and no drivers without licence.