Friday, 9 December, 2022

Zaki directs Afzal, Tareen

Zaki directs Afzal, Tareen

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Seasoned actor Afzal Hossain has teamed up with celebrated actress Tareen in a new telefilm under the direction of veteran director Syed Salahuddin Zaki.


The duo stood before camera for the telefilm styled Hena scripted by Zaki at different shooting locations in Gazipur on Monday.


Afzal Hossain worked with Zaki in the past; Tareen is working for the first time under Zaki’s direction though.


Zaki said, “I decided to cast Tareen in the titular role of the telefilm while I was writing its script and that she is playing the lead.”


Afzal said, “Zaki Bhai is our guru, I have worked in all of his television productions and I am proud of working with a great director like him.”


“I grew up listening to the stories of Zaki Uncle from Faridi Bhai and Subarna Apa and that working with him is like a dream for me,” said Tareen.