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Valentine’s Day in Cross times

Tulip Chowdhury

4 February, 2017 12:00 AM printer

Valentine’s Day in Cross times

Tulip Chowdhury

Time doesn’t move slowly or fast; it moves on its own pace and duly, February 14, Valentine’s Day is on its way. The belief of love being blind has to be adhered to Valentine’s Day, 2017. USA Presidential Elections, 2017, has hearts in confusions with a menacing voice in the nation known for its unique democracy. In countries around the world, love is shadowed by the choices of strange people of an authoritarian figure as the new president. This year’s Valentine’s day, one has to pull veil over the eyes and enjoy the day and love life blindly, come what may. But reality is stranger than fiction and while love is full of dreams, fears rooted to the new leadership shall continue to maim our peace of minds and hearts.


With the auspicious day knocking on the door, shops are full of Valentine specials. Cards, chocolates, household decors and art crafts with messages for loved ones! On previous years, when the eyes rested on each one, there were only good thoughts radiating from them. But this year, beautiful love messages fail to convince me that things will be okay, that life will continue in its way towards the good. In a microscopic vision, it’s like having a lunatic in the house and not knowing what the next day holds. Supporters of Donald Trump may be jovial and happy on Valentine’s Day, 2017, but beautiful romance is in wartimes. Free people of the free country being punished whimsical actions of disillusioned ones?   


Looking back, a logical mind would wonder: if former President George Bush did not invade Iraq, maybe the whole Middle East would not be in shambles now? He went after Iraq to stop killing of innocents and bring peace, so where are these?  Without a chaotic Middle East, ISIS would not have found its support in the displaced millions. If innocent people gave life in Iraq’s dictatorships, innocent lives continue to be killed under drone attacks and the ongoing internal wars. And countless died during the invasion. The US intervention in Iraq was all about destroying a growing country; it was another tragedy like Vietnam or Afghanistan. And we wonder why our own boys, the US soldiers are giving life in losing battles, to achieve what? If peaceful interceptions in international conflict zones were there, they came from great leaders like President Barack Obama.


So, what happens to the USA, now that it has an authoritarian leader, who is going to invade this nation? Big powers around the globe are happy for finally they see the end of US supremacy by one of its own party, and surely take their stakes out of a power crazed leadership. With Islamophobia breathing deep right from the White House, Islamic extremists will be finding more friends and recruiting more people with the slogan, ‘We told you America hates us.” 


America is on the stage of what in Bangla that would be saying, “nijer paye kural mara”, that is what the enemies of democracy did by nominating a power crazed man to its leadership.


All those political rhetoric under the title of Valentine’s Day? Yes, this is what thought on this year’s VD day is going to be, riddled with dirty politics. Romance will get lost on throngs of the rose instead of the beauty of the flower. Have pity on Cupid, it is confused by more than one thing in the 21st century.


Love and marriage are already on a confused stage and now a super power in chaos will cast evil shadows too. Courtship and taking vows have changed, couples choose to be partners in relationships, a marriage is too big a commitment. The temple of marriage holds sacred responsibilities, duties of raising children, to love and respect each other through good and bad times. When couples tie the knots, they are aware of the great commitments required to make a marriage work. Confusions come and things just don’t seem to be as one imagined. If life is supposed to be full of surprises, a marriage holds too many puzzles. Confused and thunder stuck, the best way people find in relationships is to live together, this gives a lose reign, it’s relaxing to know there are no wars to fight in case there is a fall out.


A twenty years old student doing her MS programme speaks of her future marriage plans,


“I definitely will not marry without making sure that I can make a way out of it in case we do not fit in together, dating is one thing and living under the same roof is totally different, not to speak of having a family.”


Disrupted family life is like a malady in the modern life. As we know almost 50% of marriages end up in divorces in USA. And across other continents families are finding it hard to stick together as life becomes more challenging day by day. Finding the right partner is the dilemma for men and women these days. Internet has brought the world to the finger tips to search for the soul mate across nations. People are dating on-line and then when it finally it comes to the question of marriage and family, fear seems to follow romance like an evil shadow. Many people choose to have family without the commitments of taking a vow.


These days a competitive society along with stress holds a challenging picture for a peaceful family life. All marriages come with problems and prospects of their own but at times married couples are unable to put up with the uphill battles. The emotional crisis of a failed marriage comes with catastrophes of its own, the children become victims of insecurity and suddenly are cut off from the roots from which they have been nurturing themselves.


Ups and downs in life put marriages in tests and romance comes with worries of the reality show than the romance and the ring. People no longer depend on Cupid to strike and find “the one and only”. This saying holds little value to them, divorces and remarrying has become a way of life. Many men and women place brains above the looks. Cupid is finding it hard to shoot the arrow; he himself is not sure if the lovers are meant for each other. He has busier days, he has to shoot the arrows twice or thrice for the same man or woman.


Valentine’s Day in Bangla has become “Bhalobashar Dibosh”, and Bangladeshis are not lagging behind in celebrating the day. If fact, spring and romance following each other at close heels and wake up millions. Presenting flowers to the loved ones is taken delightfully by people in villages and cities. How beautiful it is to say “I love you” to a loved one! But if thoughts are troubled over US politics and its effect on the world, make larger bouquets. Surely positive energy radiates more lights for a hazy world?


Tulip Chowdhury writes from Massachusetts, USA