Used coffee grounds are good beauty hacks

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16th September, 2015 06:06:28 printer

Used coffee grounds are good beauty hacks

Used coffee grounds can make the ideal beauty hacks, instead of hard-on-your-pocket products.


It might sound a tad icky, but actually used grounds present some excellent basic uses when it comes to grooming.


- They can un-stink smelly hands: just apply them on your hands, leave for half a minute and rinse.


- Use used coffee grounds as a scrub. They are an excellent way to exfoliate your skin. Caffeine has skin-tightening properties.


- Use it as a body scrub rinse to stay away from body odours.


- Caffeine is thought to help eliminate unwanted oils, and can temporarily reduce build-up of unwanted cellulite


- Applying the grounds on your hair can add an extra shine to your hair. Just use as a mask, apply, leave on for 15 minutes, rinse.