Nine ways to lose weight and avoid overeating

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9th September, 2015 07:29:40 printer

Nine ways to lose weight and avoid overeating

  • It is estimated that 95 per cent of all those who lost weight on a diet gained it back. This is because most diets are deprivation diets that help lose weight but fail to keep it that way.


  • Stop eating when you are 'no longer hungry', not when you are 'full'. You should stop when you still have space for one chapati or when you are just 80 per cent full.


  • Pre-plate' your food. Most people tend to eat less if they put everything on their plate like in a traditional thali,on which they are able to see how much they are going to eat.


  • Use smaller plates, bowls, spoons, cups and glasses. It helps to create an illusion about the volume of food you eat.


  • Eat slowly. Make overeating difficult. Don't keep unhealthy food in your room or home.


  • Identify when you feel hungry or get tempted for that samosa or muffin, such as in the evening at work or while watching television. Carry or keep with you healthy snacks or fruits for the same.


  • Follow the half-plate rule. At least half of your plate should have vegetables and fruits while the rest can be divided into protein and starch.


  • Do not see food as punishment or reward. Eating healthy food should be fun and a way of life. Vary, innovate and create new recipes.


  • Maintain a food diary to monitor your daily caloric intake.


  • If you can't resist unhealthy food, restrict yourself to a smaller portion. If you can't do that either, balance it out i.e. go light in the next meal.