Why conditioner is needed


8th September, 2015 08:48:13 printer

Why conditioner is needed

Many women tend to avoid applying conditioner after a hair wash. While washing your hair a couple of times in a week has become a routine of sorts, it is important to condition your hair, too.


Here's why...

- Once you shampoo your hair, it cleans the dirt and grime leaving the cuticle of the hair rough. This rough cuticle will cause tangling of your hair. When you apply conditioner, it gives a smooth and silky finish and helps brush your hair easily. As the conditioner smoothens the cuticle, it will give your hair the necessary bounce and shine. So, when you style your hair it will not fall flat.


- Conditioning is a must if you have coloured your hair. Because when you shampoo your hair, the colour tends to become a little pale. But when you condition after every wash, it locks the colour and helps retain the colour.


- Are you worried about your hair becoming slightly greasy after using a conditioner? Here's an idea — try to reverse the application of shampoo and conditioner. First apply conditioner and leave it for a couple of minutes. Then, rinse it and wash your hair with shampoo. The effect of the conditioner on your hair will be the same, and at the same time, this will make you hair feel silky after a wash.