Gear up to taste kolkata's kochuris

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5th September, 2015 09:25:07 printer

Gear up to taste kolkata's kochuris

When Bibhutibhusan Bandopadhyay wrote the story, Hinger Kochuri, little did he know that someday, these stuffed delights would inspire a food trail across town.


Calcutta Times Passions Club's first food trail on Monday follows the tantalizing whiff of kochuris wafting up from various nooks and corners of Kolkata. Be it a ghee-fried khasta kochuri, a club kachori and a koraishutir kochuri to the slightly zingy hinger kochuri, the trail will allow participants to taste it all! So, as city foodies gear up to sample kochuris, right from from Mohon in central Kolkata to Puntiram in the north, CT gives you the recipe for mochar kochuris. Do try it at home.



- Clean and cut the mocha(banana blossom) and boil it with turmeric and salt until soft.

- Grind it to a paste.

- Heat a little oil and white ghee in a non-stick pan and add the mocha paste to it along with chili and ginger pastes.

- Add salt and sugar to taste. The mixture should taste a bit sweet.

- Keep it aside and make the dough. For that, knead the flour with a bit of salt.

- Then soften it by kneading in the oil into with your fingertips.

- Your dough is ready when it no longer sticks to your fingers.Once done, make small dough balls and stuff these with the cooked mocha paste.

- Now, roll the dough and deep fry.


Your kochuris are ready! Serve hot with cholar dal or aloor dom.



-- TOI