Thursday, 2 December, 2021

Four dead after Japanese fishing boats capsize

Four dead after Japanese fishing boats capsize
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TOKYO: Four people have died after a group of Japanese fishing boats capsized Tuesday in bad weather, local media reported.


The six boats were believed to have been toppled by strong gusts of wind in waters off Tsushima island, which is between Japan's southern Kyushu and the Korean mainland, the Japanese coastguard said.


Ten people were thrown into the sea, according to the coastguard, which had reported earlier that two people were unresponsive and two others were missing.


Public broadcaster NHK later said that four people had been confirmed dead while two others were missing.


The coastguard was not available to confirm the higher death toll.


A tornado may have been responsible for the capsizing, NHK said.


A low pressure system has brought strong winds and heavy rain to the region.