Thursday, 28 September, 2023

Govt approves import of 4cr eggs from India

The government has fixed retail egg price to check the exorbitant price. But even after four days of the price fixed by the government, buyers are not being able to purchase egg.

Under this situation, the Ministry of Commerce has given approval to import four crore eggs from India initially.

Four orgnisations would be able to bring eggs from the neighbouring country and each orgnisation can import one crore eggs.  

Public Relations Officer of the Ministry of Commerce Md. Haider Ali confirmed this information while talking to journalist on Monday.

He said the government on Sunday gave approval to four organisations to import four crore eggs -- each one for one crore --from India. Each imported egg will be sold at Tk 12 per piece at retail level.

The imported egg will be arrived in the country within a week of the opening of Letter of Credit (LC), he hoped.