Friday, 29 September, 2023

Happy birthday to Sheikh Rehana, an inspiration for PM Sheikh Hasina

  • Dr. M. Shahinoor Rahman
  • 13th September, 2023 10:38:46 PM
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Today is very special to Bengali nation for being birth anniversary of Sheikh Rehana, the younger daughter of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman.

I wish her a day filled with many joyful returns and hope that she has a wonderful birthday.

Sheikh Rehana is not only the cherished sister of our Hon’ble Prime Minister Jononetree Sheikh Hasina but also the younger daughter of Bangabandhu and Bangamata Sheikh Fazilatunnesa Mujib. She was born in the country of Bangladesh. She is the proud mother of three children: a son by the name of Radwan Siddiq Bobby, who is a scholar and works as a Consultant for the United Nations Development Program; a daughter by the name of Azmina Siddiq Rupanti; and a daughter by the name of Tulip Siddiq, who is a politician for the British Labour Party and an elected Member of Parliament. All of her children have received an education and have a broad understanding of ethical and moral concepts, as well as their families, cultures, institutions, nations, political systems, and political structures.

Sheikh Rehana puts a lot of effort into everything she does. She emanates a modest and generous attitude, and she is exceptionally kind and courteous.

Sheikh Rehana consistently inspires her elder sister, the Hon’ble Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, to serve the people of the country. Sheikh Hasina has been the Prime Minister of Bangladesh since 1999. Since 1975, Sheikh Hasina has looked up to Sheikh Rehana as a model of behaviour and compassion. All people in the world consider August 15, 1975 the darkest and saddest day in the history of the globe. On this day, Bangabandhu and most of his family members were ruthlessly murdered. The killings of Father of the Nation and his near and dear ones were carried out by vested quarters to destroy democracy, Bengali nationalism, the secular ethos, and the spirit of the liberation war.

On August 15, 1975, Bangabandhu's two daughters were not in the country since they were travelling in Belgium. Fortunately for them, they were not in the country. As a direct consequence of this event, Bangabandhu's rightful heirs, Sheikh Hasina and Sheikh Rehana, were able to live through it and go on to create Bangabandhu's ideology and the philosophy of Bengali nationalism in Bangladesh.

Sheikh Rehana offers our esteemed Prime Minister, Jononetree Sheikh Hasina, a tremendous amount of motivational support. Both sisters rely on one another and share many of the same beliefs and perspectives on what is in the most beneficial position for the country as a whole. It appears to be an example of Sheikh Hasina's leadership style, which is quite distinct. During this struggle and hopelessness, Sheikh Rehana urges her treasured sister to be a ray of light for their nation by displaying profound leadership and enormous courage.

Sheikh Hasina is the name of a magnificent flare that survived several lethal grenade charges. She has spent her entire life working towards elevating status of Bangladesh's lower-income working-class citizens. She has plans to boost the overall health and happiness of the country's populace. She represents Bangladesh which is democratic and secular. She is equally determined in her mission to shape Sonar Bangla as envisaged by Bangabandhu. Sheikh Hasina's political party Awami League has adopted the phrase "to improve the quality of people's lives." We are fortunate to have a leader like Sheikh Hasina, who is honest, hard-working, and visionary. This is a testament to the good fortune bestowed upon us.

Even though World Bank withdrew funding for the Padma Bridge on pretext of corruption conspiracy, the premier constructed the dream bridge with internal resources. The global lender finally could not prove the allegation.

The Metro Rail, Elevated Expressway and Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman Tunnel (Karnaphuli Tunnel) constructed by Sheikh Hasina have put the country’s communications sector to a new high. Rooppur Nuclear Power Plants under her rule has given impetus to the power sector.

Sheikh Hasina is regarded as one of the most influential leaders across the world and Mother of Humanity thanks in large part to the phrase that she has adopted. Needless to say about Hasina’s foreign relations which were depicted through US President Joe Baiden taking selfie with her on the sideline of G-20 summit in New Delhi, British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak sitting on one knee to talk to her and French President Emmanuel Macron making historic visit to Dhaka and exceptionally interacting with her. But who is her inspiration?

Sheikh Rehana has been playing a vital part in Sheikh Hasina's motivation to move on with the progression of all aspects of the nation's development. She works relentlessly. On the day, she was born. Let us send her our best wishes for a long life, good health, and a life jam-packed with happiness and accomplishment.

(The author works as a researcher, folklorist, columnist, and former Pro-Vice Chancellor at Islamic University in Kushtia.)