Sunday, 1 October, 2023

Putin calls for closer ties with North Korea 'on all fronts': Kremlin

Russian President Vladimir Putin congratulated North Korean leader Kim Jong Un on Saturday on the 75 anniversary of the country's founding and called for stronger ties "on all fronts".

"I am convinced that thanks to our joint efforts we will continue to strengthen... bilateral ties on all fronts", Putin said in a message to Kim as quoted by the Kremlin.

"This fully corresponds to the interests of our people" and helps to ensure "the security and stability on the Korean peninsula and northeast Asia," he said.

Putin noted that the Soviet Union was the first country to recognise the North Korean regime and said that "since then relations between our two countries have always been based on the principles of friendship, good neighbourliness and mutual respect".

"I sincerely wish you good health and success and I wish all North Korean citizens peace and prosperity," Putin added.