Monday, 25 September, 2023

Brazil experiencing winter heat wave

Brazil experiencing winter heat wave

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Brazil is enduring a heat wave in the middle of the southern hemisphere's winter, with the metropolis of Sao Paulo close to breaking records for August and for the year 2023.

The inhabitants of the largest city in Latin America, with 11.5 million people, have been surprised by temperatures almost 10 degrees above the average for the month, of 24.5 degree Celsius (76.1 degrees Fahrenheit), according to the National Institute of Meteorology (Inmet).

And thermometers hit a high of 32.3 Celsius on Wednesday, close to the 32.5 Celsius reported on January 16, in summer.

And they were also very close to the highest temperatures ever officially logged for August: 33.1 Celsius on August 31, in 1952 and 1955.

Inmet, which has measured the weather since 1943, warned that the historical records for August and 2023 could be broken on Thursday.