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Is Guwahati emerging as a prominent coaching hub?

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  • 10th August, 2023 12:22:52 PM
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Guwahati: The city of Guwahati has seen significant growth in the coaching industry, now boasting over 160 coaching centres catering to students preparing for various competitive examinations such as UPSC, CAT, NDA, NEET, JEE, APSC, and many others.

This increase in demand for specialised coaching and the presence of reputable institutes offering top-notch education and guidance has transformed Guwahati into a bustling coaching hub. The city continues to adapt and cater to the ever-growing needs of the educational market as more and more students seek their guidance.

Not only does Guwahati provide a supportive environment for academic growth, but it also fosters personal development. Aniket Das, an APSC aspirant from Nagaon, said, “Guwahati is full of knowledge and experience, providing students with ample opportunities to apply what we’ve learned in our everyday lives.”

In addition to seeking practical experience, students are looking for ways to improve themselves and approach examinations with increased confidence and enhanced personalities. Consequently, countless students across the state consider Guwahati their preferred destination for better learning.

Acquiring knowledge using appropriate resources has always been an essential element in education. Many students search for places where they can receive proper guidance and mentorship. Residents assert that as coaching centres continue to develop over time, so too does their infrastructure—drawing more students from across the state.

A recent conversation with Arabinda Daulaguphu, a student from Hojai, highlighted the importance of connectivity and transportation in attracting individuals to Guwahati. He believes that due to limited financial resources, many students choose Guwahati for their education, turning it into a popular coaching destination in Assam. Affordability, coupled with its reputation as a prime coaching hub, has led to an influx of students, cementing Guwahati’s status as the foremost coaching centre in the area.

Several factors have contributed to the remarkable expansion witnessed by Guwahati’s coaching institutes in recent years. Among them are increased competition between students and a growing need for extra support and guidance. A sizable portion of these students come from different districts across the state, converging on Guwahati in pursuit of their dreams.

In a conversation with EastMojo, Kamal Nayan Bora from Tezpur, a Civil Service aspirant, shared his thoughts on Guwahati. He stated that he has found it to be an ideal place for acquiring new knowledge, testing his abilities, and ultimately achieving his dreams. It appears that many others share Bora’s optimistic outlook and high expectations for the coaching institutions in Guwahati, further bolstering its reputation as a top-tier educational hub.

Bora explained he had never received adequate support or resources to study in other cities, which is why Guwahati emerged as his top choice for meeting his educational needs. Offering high-quality coaching services and providing students with all the necessary requirements, Guwahati has gradually transformed itself into a prominent coaching hub for young aspirants.


Source: East Mojo