Monday, 25 September, 2023

Students 'bridge of hope’ in Dhaka-Beijing friendship

Students 'bridge of hope’ in Dhaka-Beijing friendship

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Chinese Ambassador Yao Wen has said that young Bangladeshi students are the “bridge of hope” to carry forward the tradition of friendship between the two countries.

While speaking at a reception, he encouraged students to cherish the present and study hard.

“They should not only learn the professional courses, but also Chinese history and culture. They should not only attend lectures, but also explore the streets and make more Chinese friends,” said the ambassador.

The farewell reception for 2023 Chinese Government Scholarship (CGS) recipients was held at the Embassy of China in Dhaka on Monday evening.

Toufique Hasan, Director-General of the East Asia and Pacific Wing of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Bangladesh, and Munshi Faiz Ahmed, former Ambassador of Bangladesh to China and chief of Association of Bangladesh-China Alumni (ABCA), granted CGS admission letters to Bangladeshi scholarship recipients.

Representatives from ABCA and parents of the students also attended the ceremony.

The ambassador said both China and Bangladesh have long histories and splendid cultures, and have been good neighbours and friends since ancient times.

On the eve of International Children’s Day this year, Chinese President Xi Jinping wrote to Bangladeshi child Alifa Chin, encouraging her to study, pursue her dreams, contribute to the society, and serve the country.

The ambassador said President Xi Jinping’s earnest wish is a message to all Bangladeshi youths and to the bright future of China-Bangladesh relations.