Monday, 2 October, 2023

Eid campaign: Clemon introduces digital contest ‘Lemon Ninja’

Eid brings happiness and moments filled with joy. To double the joy of Eid, Clemon has introduced an exciting digital contest named “Lemon Ninja”. Clemon is a popular clear drink of Bangladesh from Akij Food & Beverage Ltd. The brand comes up with various exciting contests during Eid and other festivities. And this Eid ul Azha is no different.

“Lemon Ninja” is basically a digital game. To play the game, one needs to visit register with name, address and phone number. In bangladesh, Clemon has more amount of lemon in it than all other clear drinks. That’s why Clemon’s tagline is “Clearly lemon drink”. The game “Lemon Ninja” is based on this very feature. The more lemons are sliced in the game, the more the Clemon bottles get filled up, that’s how the game goes.

The senior officials of Akij Food & Beverage Ltd. are in charge of this campaign. The management believes that people will participate in this latest contest of Clemon like before and will support the brand with their love.

The contest Clemon presents “Lemon Ninja” began on June 23 and has already created a lot of excitement among its consumers. The contest will run till July 5, 2023. The details of the contest including results, winner names and other activities are available from the brand’s Facebook page f/clemoncleardrink.