Sunday, 1 October, 2023

Five killed at Titanic sub implosion

University is 'shocked and profoundly saddened' by student's death

The University of Strathclyde in Glasgow has paid tribute to its student Suleman who died in the Titan submersible alongside his father Shahzada and three others.

The university said in a statement that staff and students are "shocked and profoundly saddened by the death of Suleman Dawood and his father in this tragic incident".

Shahzada Dawood was a founding patron of Prince’s Trust International. The charity said it was deeply saddened by the tragedy and "valued [the Dawood family's] support of our work in Pakistan for many years".

The British Asian Trust also paid tribute to Shahzada, describing him as a "wonderful and generous man who supported our work in South Asia for many years" and his son Suleman as someone who was "just emerging into adulthood with a promising future ahead".