Thursday, 28 September, 2023

21 fishermen rescued from deep sea after calling 999

The Coast Guard on Wednesday rescued 21 fishermen who were floating in the Bay of Bengal for 15 days as their trawler engine failed in the middle of the sea while fishing.

Lt Commander Abdur Rahman, media officer of the Coast Guard Headquarters, said a fishing trawler named MV Junaid left for the sea from Bhola on May 16. But after going to the middle of the sea, the engine of the trawler failed suddenly and the trawler was floating aimlessly in the sea since then.

The fishermen somehow managed to call the National Emergency Service (999) and on information, Coast Guard rescued the trawler including 21 fishermen from the deep sea, he added.

Rahman said, "The trawler along with the fishermen will be handed over after discussion  with the owner. Initially, the fishermen are being treated and provided with food.”