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Prevent dengue situation from worsening

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  • 28th May, 2023 07:33:09 PM
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Prevent dengue situation from worsening

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It is feared that dengue situation may turn for the worse in the comings months as dengue cases have already increased fivefold in the first five months of the current year compared to the corresponding period of last year. According to a DGHS report, the number of dengue cases has crossed 1,600 and 13 deaths in January to May, whereas 352 dengue cases and zero death were reported in first five months last year. As a result, the threat of another dengue outbreak looms large in Dhaka and other major cities.

Prevalence of Aedes mosquitoes has been increasing year by year due to weather change and global warming. But the dengue prevention drive has apparently been half-hearted, which may pave the way for a massive dengue outbreak this year too.

A recent survey conducted in Dhaka and various other parts of the country found an alarming prevalence of the Aedes mosquito. It found the mosquitoes in 66 wards of DSCC and DNCC. Multi-storey, under-construction buildings account for 72 per cent Aedes breeding grounds in the city. This means that if a nationally coordinated anti-dengue drive is not taken and implemented, the disease will spread again and can possibly overwhelm our healthcare system.

Experts have stressed that preventive measures can keep the vector-borne disease at bay. That means immediate measures should be taken to destroy dengue larvae to prevent the mosquitoes from proliferating. The city authorities are often seen conducting mosquito fogging operations, but the city-dwellers are yet to see any respite from mosquito menace.

We, therefore, call upon the authorities to shake off their lethargy and step up efforts to destroy mosquito breeding grounds to successfully tackle the dengue threat. While the government agencies have to play a key role in preventing the dengue menace, the citizens cannot afford to sit back and do nothing. The citizens must also play an active role in keeping their surroundings clean and removing stagnant water after rain.

Mosquito breeding grounds should be destroyed from time to time by spraying effective mosquito repellent. Water bodies and drains should be cleaned regularly and wastes should be disposed of properly. Any sporadic action in cleaning and spraying anti-mosquito medicines is not likely to produce desired results. Only a well-coordinated and determined drive can save the people from the looming epidemic.

Source: Sun Editorial