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English book on Imdadul Haq Milan’s short stories makes its debut

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  • 22nd May, 2023 09:41:27 PM
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English book on Imdadul Haq Milan’s short stories makes its debut

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Renowned litterateur and daily Kaler Kantho Editor-in-Chief Imdadul Haq Milan has reached global readers with a book comprising his 10 short stories translated into English.

The book titled “Selected Short Stories” was published by Hornbill Press in India and England simultaneously around 15 days ago.

Translated by noted Indian writer Moulinath Goswami, the book has been marketed, making buzz with readers.

The 10 translated stories are – When The Tides Come, Days Of Starvation, Chronicle of Sonadas, The Night The Leader Was Killed, Scent Of Cardamom, Momin Sadhu’s Mumbo Jumbo, Just For A Smile, A Letter From The King, Meeting Mother and After Partition.

About the book, the publisher said, “This collection of English translation, as done by Moulinath Goswami, endeavours to encompass the entire milieu of his writing — quintessential Bangladesh, resonant with the fragrance of simple existence of mankind, be it in a rural or in an urban backdrop.”

In translator’s note, Moulinath Goswami said, “Through this collection, I have endeavoured to do justice to the privilege bestowed upon me — translating Imdadul Haq Milan’s works. I have tried my best to imbibe in the English translations the riverine flavour of Bangladesh, its picturesque milieu so vividly and profoundly captured by the meticulous pen of Imdadul Haq Milan.

“My efforts would be rewarded if readers take to heart this English collection with the same fondness which they have so long reserved for Imdadul Haq Milan’s Bengali short stories.”

Readers in Bangladesh can procure the book from Batighor and

Talking to daily sun, Imdadul Haq Milan said, “I am very glad and excited to have a book on English translation of my short stories published in 2023, a year of golden jubilee of writing career.”

About the publication of the book in India and England, he said, “I feel honoured. It is great achievement as a writer.”